Alloy Growth Lab Celebrates the Growth of CoorFab

Alloy Growth Lab would like to congratulate our client, CoorFab Services, LLC on their continued growth. This continued expansion – additional employees and increased sales – has necessitated a move into Cincinnati’s “Over-the-Rhine” neighborhood. CoorFab translates designed intent into real fabrication by bridging the gap between the designed needs of the building and the reality of construction installation. Founder and owner, Aaron Johnson by trade is a mechanical engineer, but by passion, he is an entrepreneur. His jobs have ranged from oilfield engineer, construction cleanup, bartender, to Founder. He discovered that once he was able to dedicate his attention full-time to CoorFab is when the real learning began. Growth was happening organically throughout Dayton, Columbus, and the Cincinnati area as they continued to push the boundaries of deliverables to clients. They quickly learned that with growth comes challenges. Those challenges included forming the right team, overcoming industry invoicing hurdles, continuing to be a state-of-the-art service provider all while not compromising the well-being of their team. 

Aaron met Pat Longo at a seminar in 2014 and their paths crossed again when Aaron was looking for funding for a research project. So when it was time to find office space, coaching, and a robust community of fellow entrepreneurs he knew just who to call to make that happen. CoorFab joined the Business Center in 2015 and has been on an upward trajectory ever since. 

Being in the Alloy Growth Lab allowed CoorFab to be surrounded by like-minded founders facing similar challenges. “All I knew was engineering when I moved in, but with the help of Alloy Growth Lab Coaches I learned the other skills I needed to run a legitimate business”, said Aaron Johnson. 

The road to stability and consistency has been long, but the hard work has been worth the journey. On October 21st, 2021, CoorFab Services will move to 230 Findlay Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45214, and join another Alloy Growth Lab graduate Get Noticed Get Found in this location. Their team is excited for this next step and the opportunities for future growth.

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