Startup Incubators In Ohio

What To Expect From A Startup Incubator

A startup incubator can be an excellent resource for your early-stage company that may be looking for some help to find stable and consistent footing. Startup incubators do precisely what the name suggests; they incubate or aid in the development of a startup. Often startup accelerators and incubators are nonprofit businesses located in one place but have relationships with early-stage companies all across the country. Incubators help newly established businesses progress with a variety of tools, often including mentoring/training with agents of impact, providing workspace/office space, and providing seed funding.

In the same way that our clients consist of businesses of all different sizes, we understand that you may be exploring many different incubators as well. With the help of our experienced startup catalysts and effective programs, your startup can gain the necessary tools needed to navigate the investment landscape, develop a growth strategy, gain traction with the right product-market fit and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

How A Startup Incubator Can Benefit Your Business

Many different benefits can be provided to your business with the help of a startup incubator, for example:

The Alloy Startup Incubator Program

Connect, Collaborate, Catalyze

At Alloy, we strive to be more than a space for you to work in, but an entrepreneurial environment where startup businesses can learn, grow, and thrive. Many aspects of our organization set us apart from others that claim to do what we do. Some of the critical components of Alloy that set us apart from other startup incubators include factors like our coaching leaders (now being called startup catalysts), access to capital, facility, connectivity, and alumni. Over the years, we have helped more than four hundred innovative and scalable businesses grow with our startup incubator program. At our core, we work with these businesses and create incubator programs to help them:

  • Navigate The Investment And Funding Landscape
  • Connect With Fellow Entrepreneurs, Potential Customers, And Regional Talent
  • Develop And Manage A Strong Growth Strategy
  • Gain Traction With The Right Product And Market

Our startup program model emphasizes one-to-one coaching with our talented startup catalysts and tailored programming designed to meet the needs of our multifaceted clients. Throughout our time as a startup incubator, the clients we have developed relationships with have raised a cumulative sum of over four hundred million dollars in funding. We are here to add strength to your ideas, allowing you to thrive.

Our Startup Program

Breaking Down The Alloy Startup Incubator Program

Our startup catalysts have over 50 years of combined experience guiding entrepreneurs and future leaders of Fortune 500 companies alike, helping them grow and thrive. Our clients at Alloy have access to a dedicated startup catalyst that is committed to their success.
Our clients have received over four hundred million dollars in funding. We assist clients through the process of applying and competing for a variety of funding sources, such as Angel Capital, Venture Capital, Bank Loans, Small Business Innovative Research Grants, and numerous other sources.
Our facility has over 70,000 square feet of flexible space, including offices, laboratories, and warehouse and manufacturing areas. All of these spaces are offered at below-market rates. We have private and co-working areas for every type of client, with options as small as 150 square feet and up to 5,000 square feet, that are here to help meet your needs. We offer onsite access to talented startup catalysts, free parking, conference and meeting rooms, and lightning-fast internet.
We connect our entrepreneurs with our business partners all the time! Some of our connections include Queen City Angels, CincyTech, the State of Ohio, and the U.S. Small Business Administration. We connect like-minded entrepreneurs in an environment that allows true innovation to thrive.
We’ve seen over thirty of our incubated companies be acquired, and even one of them be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Many of our incubated companies have graduated to their own space and are making impacts on their industries.

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"Alloy Growth Lab has been a great strategic partner for us. Their support has been instrumental to the development and progress of our company, and the Alloy Growth Lab is an ideal location to headquarter a new company or startup."
Geoff Klass
CEO, Sense Diagnostics