Why the Green Room?

If you missed any of the previous “Startup Snacks” – you can find them here!

This week’s snack deals with the startup team and methodologies for doling out equity to the founding team and operating agreements. Granted this is not a fun exercise or the most glamorous topic, but it is something that all founding teams should prepare and have documented before everyone jumps in – to save you headaches in the long run.

We have seen founding team blow-ups and it is much easier to unwind these if all of the operating agreement documents and splits are prepared ahead of time.

Here are a few methodologies and templates to consider:

  • Founders Equity Split Wizard from FounderSuite – easy, simple to use, straightforward – click here for a copy – copy this document to make your own!
  • Slicing Pie Methodology – a dynamic model for structuring equity and ownership. Slicing Pie simply provides a fair and logical structure to anticipate and manage the changes. More summary information here. And a spreadsheet here for using this methodology. Here is the website for additional information.
  • Founder Agreement Template from University of Pennsylvania Law School Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic – click here.
  • Startup Operations Tracker Document – from headcount to expenses to funding to buzz – click here for document.

Also, consider registering for the University of Cincinnati Law Pro-Bono Day – information below.

Upcoming Events:

October 5 – REBUILD Conference – REBUILD, formerly the High Performance Buildings Seminar, is a conference that equips leaders to build sustainable value in their organizations. Divergent questions lead to innovation. Info/registration here.

October 11 – The Green Room featuring 4 startups in the renewable space. This time around we will be featuring Orion Electronics, Cleanup Collective, Rich Life Farms, and Small World Market. Register to attend via this link – info/registration here.

Oct 10 – 14 – StartupCincy Week – Learn more here!

October 14 – StartupCincy Week Job Fair – contact Abby at Cintrifuse (abby@cintrifuse.com) if your company is interested in participating.

October 18 – BioOhio Biotech Forum – Miami University and BioOhio – info/registration here.

October 19 – “Connecting the Coasts to the Heartland” – presented by One America Works, OhioX, Youngstown Incubator, HG Ventures, Youngstown Business Incubator, and Comeback Capital – info/registration here.

October 20 – “Free Legal Advice to Better Your Business” – University of Cincinnati Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic and Duke Energy – info/registration here.

October 26 – OhioX/Rev1 Corporate Innovation Summit – info/registration here.

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