University Partnership

Xavier University students in the entrepreneurship course “New Venture Planning” are partnering with us and 5 of our clients to gain hands-on experience with entrepreneurship challenges. Students are actively involved in the business incubation process and paired with up-and-coming startups to expose them to the process of launching a business through coaching, programming, and connections. This partnership introduces students to a bigger part of our community that embraces the idea of social-economic progress of startup growth and creating jobs. Pathak’s class provides hands-on, real-world experiences for students to engage with the challenges of entrepreneurship; all while learning and being supported within a class structure.
“I do not shy away from the number of experiential learning opportunities that I can create. If students are helping startups that are incubated at different life stages these entities are also getting help during a time they may not be able to afford full-time employees, creating a mutual relationship,” said Saurav

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