Thought Leaders Collaborate During COVID-19 Crisis

Queen City Certified helps employers build gender-equitable organizations, where people not only want to work, but thrive, using data-informed best practices, collaborative learning experiences, and ongoing support.

Their response to the COVID-19 crisis was to bring together HR thought leaders on a webinar to discuss diversity and inclusion realities and practical strategies to manage and thrive in the changing often virtual workplace reality we are currently experiencing. HR leaders from businesses and nonprofits across Cincinnati shared their authentic experiences from the front lines, providing invaluable insight to each other and to the many businesses and individuals who tuned in to the conversation. Thought leaders represented the following organizations: 84.51, The Freestore Food Bank, Greater Cincinnati Foundation, Michelman, The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, and the Cincinnati Zoo.

“There is going to be some really beautiful growth and learning in this space, that right now probably doesn’t feel awesome, but I’m excited about what this is going to teach all of us about our people. Even in my worst days over the last few weeks, there has been some beauty and grace that I never would have expected,” said Rhiannon Hoeweler, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Queen City Certified is a current incbuabor client and UC 1819 venture lab participant. They are led by Founder and CEO Nicole Armstrong and are the first employer certification and cohort-based leadership program for gender equity in the U.S. workplace.

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