The City of Norwood Secures HCDC to Provide Economic Development Services

(Norwood, Ohio,7/29/2020) The City of Norwood has partnered with HCDC to assist with economic development efforts in the City. HCDC will focus on optimizing economic development opportunities by focusing on projects currently underway such as PLK Communities’ mixed-use development on the former U.S. Playing Card site, serving on the Steering Committee for the Montgomery Road Corridor Study, and participating in a business visitation program to identify the needs of businesses already located in Norwood. The contract begins on August 1. 

“We are very pleased to bring HCDC on as the City of Norwood’s go-to resource and main contact for economic development at this time,” said Norwood Mayor Schneider. “HCDC brings the immediate experience, relationships, and tools to the City that are needed right now and we are confident that HCDC will be a huge asset to attracting new businesses to the City of Norwood.”

HCDC is the Economic Development Office for Hamilton County and has similar partnerships with other municipalities around Hamilton County. HCDC has assisted businesses and communities with the creation or retention of over 30,000 jobs and more than $2.6 billion in total investment over 35 years.

“Norwood is in a unique position to diversify its economy by capitalizing on the recent success they have seen in mixed-use projects. Norwood is our home and we’re thrilled to partner with the City to continue to build a vibrant and thriving City,” said Patrick Longo, President, and CEO of HCDC.

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