The 1st Annual Morning Mentoring Luncheon Celebrates 17 Years of Success

On December 7th, 2022, the Morning Mentoring Luncheon celebrated 17 years of programming and successful mentoring. The event, which was attended by over 50 attendees, was hosted at The Ventura in Norwood and presented by Queen City Angels and Alloy Growth Lab.

During the event, the Morning Mentoring Luncheon announced that over the years the program had helped presentees secure over $38 million in grants, funding, and government contracts. The program also reached the milestone of 300 sessions in 2022, as well as having over 250+ unique mentors joining the program.

The event also featured the presentation of awards to the top three pitches from 2022 including Farmaceutical RX, Vistim Labs, and Tactile Engineering. The winners of these awards were recognized for their innovative ideas and impressive presentations. “The morning mentoring program has been a vital part of my personal growth as an entrepreneur and has directly led to the success of Tactile Engineering in fundraising for our project,” said David Schleppenbach, CEO of Tactile Engineering.

Additionally, awards were presented to outstanding mentors who have made significant contributions to the organization. These mentors were recognized for their dedication and commitment to helping others succeed and included Bob Ziek, Pete and Sally Kay, and Ulmer Attorneys.

One of the highlights of the event was the reverse pitch competition, where Alloy, QCA, and Ulmer pitched their ideas to the audience. The competition was a great opportunity for these companies to showcase their commitment to the startup community and allow the startups to grade them.

The event was catered by Southern Grace Catering. Event organizers partnered with Last Mile Food Rescue to ensure there was zero food waste, and the extra meals were donated to St Andrew’s Church.

Overall, the first annual Morning Mentoring Luncheon was a resounding success. The organization looks forward to continuing its work in the coming years and to providing valuable mentoring and resources to aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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