Sense Diagnostics Celebrated For Their Medtech Innovation

Every year we celebrate the organizations and individuals that have partnered with us to help grow our local economy. Due to COVID-19, we were unable to host our Annual Meeting & Business Development Awards Ceremony. This year we celebrated the Award recipients at their place of business. 

The Client of the Year is awarded to a current client who grows revenues and employment while best leveraging our incubation program. This year, Sense Diagnostics was celebrated as the Client of the Year due to their success in raising capital, progressing clinical trials, and developing key strategic partnerships. Sense Diagnostics is a Medical Technology startup that is developing non-invasive brain scanners that enable faster detection and triage, and continuous monitoring of brain injury, to improve patient outcomes. This technology is aimed at aiding medical personnel in their effort to detect, monitor, and manage brain conditions such as strokes and traumatic brain injuries in real-time. 

Sense Diagnostics has been a client since 2014. This was a tough year for many startups, but not only did they show their persistence, but they also pushed forward. “Sense was a clear choice for this award due to their access to capital activity, success with government relationship building, and growth of the team. We have enjoyed watching them find success and grow here at the Business Center,” said Patrick Longo.

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