Precision Pro Golf Celebrates Remarkable Growth and Successful Exit from Alloy Growth Lab 

[Cincinnati, Ohio, 8/8/23] – Precision Pro Golf, a leading golf technology company, is delighted to announce its extraordinary journey of growth and successful exit from Alloy Growth Lab. Founded with a mission to help golfers play better golf, Precision Pro Golf has achieved remarkable success, making waves in the golf industry with its innovative products and tech-enabled solutions.

From Humble Beginnings to Exponential Growth:

At the outset, Precision Pro Golf entered the Growth Lab with immense promise and a passionate vision. With its first and most prominent product line being golf rangefinders, the company also offered golf speakers, accessories, and a mobile app, catering to golfers’ multiple needs. In less than a year, the startup had already achieved mid-six figures in revenue, driven by the passion and dedication of its founders, and a genuine commitment to revolutionizing the golfing experience.

Throughout its six-year tenure at Alloy Growth Lab, Precision Pro Golf experienced exponential growth, propelling its revenue to an impressive eight figures. The company expanded its product offerings and welcomed numerous talented individuals to join its ranks, fueling its success and establishing itself as a formidable player in the golf technology market.

Benefiting from an Exceptional Incubator Experience:

Alloy Growth Lab proved to be a strategic partner in Precision Pro Golf’s growth journey. The incubator provided invaluable resources, mentorship, and access to a vibrant local business community, which proved instrumental in achieving the company’s milestones.

During their time at Alloy, Precision Pro Golf developed a strong banking relationship with Huntington, a partnership that continues to be advantageous to this day. The company also participated in numerous educational sessions that enriched its knowledge base and facilitated decision-making. Founders had the privilege of receiving expert advice and pitching ideas to esteemed mentors, and Growth Lab team members who played an integral role in shaping the company’s trajectory.

“My Growth Lab journey – from beginning to end – exemplifies the ‘get it done’ attitude of the Growth Lab team, and the startup community that they have created in the heart of Hamilton County is second to none,” said Founder Clay Hood. 

Transition to The Village of St. Bernard for Continued Progress:

As Precision Pro Golf soared to greater heights, it sought a dedicated warehouse to accommodate its expanding operations. In St. Bernard, the company found a perfect fit that met its requirements, further contributing to its continued success in Hamilton County.

A Bright Future Ahead:

With a successful exit from the Alloy Growth Lab and its impressive growth trajectory, Precision Pro Golf is poised for an even more prosperous future. The company remains committed to its core mission of helping golfers play better golf, driven by a passion for innovation, exceptional customer experiences, and a shared love for the sport.

As Precision Pro Golf continues to thrive, it is grateful for the support and encouragement it received during its incubation period. And it is in that vein, that Clay is committed to paying it forward with other founders and entrepreneurs that are part of the Alloy Growth Lab network, whether it is through a mentoring session or introductions to other value-add connections, his “give back” attitude shines through. 

Looking forward, Precision Pro is excited about the next chapter of its journey, embracing new opportunities and achieving greater heights in the golf technology industry.

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