Pete and Sally Kay Celebrated For Their Morning Mentoring Contributions

Every year we celebrate the organizations and individuals that have partnered with us to help grow our local economy. Due to COVID-19, we were unable to host our Annual Meeting & Business Development Awards Ceremony. This year we celebrated the Award recipients individually.

The Larry Albice Entrepreneurship Award is given to honor individuals that have successfully given back to the entrepreneurship community. Pete and Sally Kay have both been instrumental in the success of Morning Mentoring℠, for over a decade.

Sally became involved in Morning Mentoring in 2007. She brought a lot of career knowledge focused on the front end of innovation. She is skilled at getting mentees to focus and prove their product. Pete brings an abundance of knowledge on launching technologies for Fortune 500 companies. He contributes substantially to the understanding and advice provided to technical presenters that participate in Morning Mentoring

“Their dedication to the mentees is like no other, if they like what they see in the presentation, they stick with the founders to ensure success”, said Dennis Reinersman Senior Business Coach.

Sally emphasized that their experiences and lessons learned in developing new products in their corporate careers and volunteer activities allow them to be a valuable resource to entrepreneurs. Pete said being recognized as a Larry Albice Entrepreneurship Award winner means a lot to them, and they are honored to be in the esteemed company of those awarded before them. They are both very proud to be involved in the unique programming of Morning Mentoring and appreciate how the program adapted to the time and converted to a virtual platform. They feel that this proactive change has made it even better and more effective for our entrepreneur community.

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