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A program of the Office of Innovation + Creativity

This program benefits second-stage companies by providing technical assistance, strategic information, and connectivity through market research, case studies, and a support network. Second-stage companies are defined as having approximately 10-100 employees with $1,000,000 to $50,000,000 in revenues.

We Help Proven Companies Grow

Alloy's program benefits companies in a few ways:

Strategic Growth

20% growth! Participating companies consistently find new sales within two years of completion.

Expert Research

Companies get a dedicated team of experienced professional researchers to support their business.

Time Savings

Save time by having someone else find the data you need to make better strategic growth decisions.

Marketing Data

Gain access to dozens of marketing databases routinely used by large corporations.

Valued Process

Powered by Economic Gardening, a proven process worth >$15k.

Valuable Resources

The National Center for Economic Gardening works with expert researchers, methods, and databases to deliver value to clients.

Who Is It For?

  • C-Suite Leader
  • VP/Director of Sales or Marketing
  • Marketing Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Business Advisor/Consultant
  • Stakeholders Interested in Growth

What Is It For?

  • Identifying target markets
  • Improving digital marketing
  • Understanding competitors/industry
  • Understanding consumer needs/segments
  • Finding qualified sales leads
  • Knowing where to find customers

How Does It Work?

We use a proven process, winning partnership, and valuable resources to get the data you need to make better growth decisions.

  • Proven Process- We answer your top data based questions with our 3-step process
  • Winning Partnership- Alloy has partnered with the National Center for Economic Gardening and Hamilton County, OH to make this resource available.
  • Valuable Resources- The National Center for Economic Gardening works with expert researchers, methods, and databases to deliver value to clients.

Powerful Growth Resources At Work

Participating in our Strategic Growth Research program makes growth a little bit easier because we provide you with the following:

  • Efficient Time- Get up to 40 hours of expert strategists’ time and only dedicate up to 12 hours of your time.
  • Custom Deliverables- Get custom SEO/SEM, market research, qualified sales lead lists, geographic customer maps, and more.
  • Peer Connections- Get connected to dozens of similar companies and peers who are trying to grow more easily just like you.
  • Trusted Framework- 5-step growth framework: core strategy, market dynamics, innovation, temperament, and qualified sales leads
  • Alloy Economic Development Support- Ongoing connections and support from a top 10 world incubator, and access to discounts on sales tools and more.

Companies We've Helped

Dozen of companies in a variety of industries have grown revenues up to 20%


If your second-stage company is ready for the next step- were are here to assist. Check out our most frequently asked questions and connect with us.

Market Research & Analysis

We utilize sophisticated marketing and growth databases to delivier what you need to identify qualified sales leads. You will have the tools to identiy market trends, potential competitors, unknown resources, geographic areas for targeted marketing, SEO opportunities and online resources.

This program is funded by Hamilton County in order to support second stage companies.

Companies located in Hamilton County, with revenues approaching $1M to up to $50M, employing roughly 10-100 emploees, and are open to innovative growth solutions. 

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