OhioXcelerate Celebrates Inaugural Event with Beltways as Winning Startup and Over 20 Statewide Mentors

Cincinnati, Ohio 6/23/23 – OhioXcelerate, the virtual pitch feedback program, successfully concluded its inaugural event, uniting Ohio-based startups with a diverse group of mentors from across the state. The event, held on June 21st, showcased the exceptional talent and entrepreneurial spirit thriving within Ohio’s startup ecosystem.

The event concluded with the announcement of Beltways as the winner. Beltways, a dynamic startup from Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, impressed mentors and judges with their innovative approach to mobility through next-generation accelerating walkways. Their victory symbolizes the promising future of Ohio’s startup landscape.

“We appreciate the invaluable advice, support, and connections from the diverse group of mentors pulled together by OhioX, Alloy Growth Lab, and Queen City Angels, all of whom continue to be exceptional facilitators of our company’s growth,” said Matine Yuksel, Co-founder and COO of Beltways.

The participating startups were Beltways, Cocoon Technologies, and Vitruvian.

The event attracted a robust mentor community, with over 20 experienced professionals from various cities and industries across the state. These dedicated mentors generously shared their expertise, providing valuable guidance, feedback, and support to the participating startups throughout the event. The collaboration between the mentors and startups fostered an environment of innovation and entrepreneurial growth.

“The teams in this inaugural competition – Beltways, Cocoon, and Vitruvian – are future-forward visionaries, and their products are disruptors in their respective industries,” said Brian Tibbs, Alloy Growth Lab Mentor. “The competition was close, with the winner Beltways edging out the win by less than two points. All of the mentors are experienced experts in their field, and this combined with the spirit to guide entrepreneurs to success gave these companies uncommon and invaluable feedback and fuel to grow their business.”

“We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Beltways for their well-deserved win,” said Chris Berry, President of OhioX and co-host of OhioXcelerate. “The incredible support from our diverse group of mentors, combined with the exceptional talent of the participating startups, truly showcased the potential of Ohio’s startup ecosystem.”

Looking ahead, OhioXcelerate is excited to announce plans for future events. Due to the overwhelming success of the inaugural event, the program aims to host another edition in the fall of 2023 or the spring of 2024. The upcoming event will build upon the momentum generated and continue to provide invaluable opportunities for startups to accelerate their growth and connect with experienced mentors and entrepreneurial support networks.

OhioXcelerate extends its deepest gratitude to all the mentors, participants, sponsors, and supporters who contributed to the success of this inaugural event. Their collective dedication and enthusiasm have laid a strong foundation for future editions of OhioXcelerate, supporting the growth and prosperity of Ohio’s startup ecosystem.

About OhioXcelerate:
OhioXcelerate is a leading startup acceleration program designed to foster growth and provide mentorship to Ohio-based startups. By connecting startups with experienced mentors, OhioXcelerate aims to cultivate a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, promote innovation, and contribute to the economic development of the state.

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