Nichefire Joins Nielsen Connect Partner Network to Reveal What Types of Social Media Marketing Win at the Register

CINCINNATI, OHIO – Nichefire, a developer of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for marketing and competitive insight, has joined the Nielsen Connect Partner Network, the industry’s largest open ecosystem of solution providers for retailers and manufacturers in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. 

Available through Nielsen’s Global Connect Business, the partnership unites Nielsen’s vast sales and marketing data with Nichefire’s unique CompetiSmart AI. The AI scours multiple social media platforms to collect, sort, and categorize millions of posts, comments, and reactions. It then overlays Nielsen’s data to show marketers which efforts are most effective at the register—for their brand and for competitors.

A few key benefits this compelling collaboration will bring:

Days to Minutes: Terabytes of data that would take a team of analysts days to sort are delivered in minutes.

Glimpse the Holy Grail of ROI:  For the first time, marketers will be able to track how marketing efforts in social media drive results at the cash register. 

Best Practices Demystified: Social media teams rapidly learn best practices by observing which strategies and executions produce sales.

Consumer-Driven Innovation: Nichefire’s AI also gathers and organizes millions of consumer comments about a brand and its competitors. This can yield product improvements and innovation.

We are excited to continue expanding the Nielsen Connect Partner Network, which fuels a smarter market for the retail and consumer packaged goods industry,” said Brett Jones, Global Leader, Connect Partner Network, Nielsen. “Through the unmatched breadth of our collaborative ecosystem of trustworthy and innovative partners, our clients are uniquely positioned to solve their biggest problems and stay ahead of a rapidly changing consumer landscape.”

Nichefire CEO Michael Howard says: “With the joint power of Nichefire and Nielsen, marketers at CPG brands can now see what their competitors do—where they’re strong, where they’re weak—and adjust their strategy to win. They can track their own strengths and weaknesses against competitors too.” 

About Nichefire
Nichefire, Inc., based in Cincinnati, Ohio, uses AI to help companies make smart decisions by quickly making sense out of mountains of data. Nichefire uses Artificial Intelligence to scour multiple social media platforms to collect, sort, and categorize millions of posts, comments, and reactions all in seconds. It then returns all of that data in easy-to-understand and act upon graphs. Nichefire automates competitive intelligence to reveal opportunities.

Nichefire has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies. Contact Michael Howard, CEO, at or call: 513-646-8709.

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