Mother-Son Duo Selected as MIT Global Solver Team 

Forest Park, Ohio, 9/28/2022 – RE-Assist has been revealed as a 2022 Solver team during the live pitch event Solve Challenge Finals. Solve, an initiative of MIT raised a question of how we can make giving and receiving care accessible, affordable, and valued for all. Ashley Barrow, the founder of the digital health platform RE-Assist and 13-year-old son Aaron Bess Jr, responded with an application, which was chosen among 1,100 applicants from 117 countries. “Our goal is to deliver quality life to patients. We have found a new model for care that will improve affordability, convenience, and community trust. We differentiate from others by our years of direct professional/personal experience shared by Ashley Barrow.” 

The care economy looks very different around the world. Technology and innovation can help to make the care economy in all contexts more transparent, safe, and accessible through new models of care, new ways to support workers, and shifts in gender stereotypes. Solve has selected eight technology-based solutions that help care workers pursue safe and secure work, and make care for young children, the elderly, and people with disabilities accessible and affordable in all contexts. 

To select innovators for the Challenge, MIT Solve recruited a diverse set of 25 judges across sectors and geographies. These Challenge Leaders included AARP, Johnson & Johnson, and the FAIRWAY program at the International Labour Organization. 

As one of the selected solutions, RE-Assist allows case managers to take more control of the transfer of care planning process by using our platform as a knowledge tool to bring integration and reduced rework. “It was hard to get here and I hope I can do more things like this,” says Aaron Bess Jr., a student at Winton Woods Middle School. 

RE-Assist is the first and only Solver team headquartered in Ohio and it plans to build many relationships and improve the process of care planning, starting in the local community first.

RE-Assist is currently located in the Alloy Growth Lab. Additionally, as part of its ongoing work on US racial equity, Solve has selected RE-Assist as one of the 6 selected solutions for the Black & Brown Innovators Program. “As a Solver team, we will be able to scale our solution and make a larger, more lasting impact through our work,” says Ashley Barrow. 

Since February 2022, RE-Assist has raised non-diluted funding and created a beta product ready to pilot and build out. “I want to give a special thank you to Mercy Health -Innovation. We have benefitted from the Entrepreneurial Services Program (ESP) purchased services from the Ohio Third Frontier via Mercy Health – Innovation department,” says Ashley Barrow 

About RE-Assist 

RE-Assist is a revolutionary platform that replaces the paper choice list directory in care planning. RE-Assist will improve the lives of patients in transitions of care while improving productivity, and utilization between providers, and greatly reducing the burden of care. By partnering with healthcare institutions RE-Assist will decrease patient readmissions to hospitals, and length of stay, and expedite the referral process by providing an easy-to-use platform that connects patients to resources and service providers for their unique needs. 

Photo Credit Terrence Marshall Shanghai Imaging

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