Kilele Health Triumphs at 2024 OhioXcelerate Program

Columbus, OH – May 22, 2024OhioXcelerate, the multi-award winning statewide pitch feedback program, successfully concluded its 2024 set of programming, uniting Ohio-based startups with a diverse group of mentors from across the state. The final pitch event, held on May 16th at the Ohio Tech Summit in Columbus, showcased the exceptional talent and entrepreneurial spirit thriving within Ohio’s startup ecosystem.

The event reached its pinnacle with the announcement of Andrew Cothrel, Founder of Kilele Health from Oakwood, Ohio, as the winner of the 2024 OhioXcelerate program. Kilele Health impressed mentors and judges with their innovative approach to real-time diagnostic monitoring for chronic disease management. Their victory symbolizes the promising future of Ohio’s startup landscape.

The journey to the final pitch was a rigorous and rewarding process. The program received over 30 applications from innovative startups across Ohio. These applications were carefully reviewed, and through a competitive selection process, the organizers narrowed the pool down to four outstanding finalists: Adena Power, represented by Nathan Cooley and Neil Kidner; Auxilium Health, represented by Isaiah Kaiser, PhD, and Aparna Agrawal, PhD; Five Star Fans, represented by Tina Provost; and Kilele Health, represented by Andrew Cothrel. Each of these startups participated in regular mentoring and coaching sessions, where they received expert guidance and support to refine their business strategies and prepare for the live pitch competition.

The OhioXcelerate program has been instrumental in nurturing startups across Ohio, providing them with critical resources, mentorship, and exposure to a network of industry leaders. Through a structured curriculum and hands-on guidance, OhioXcelerate has empowered these startups to refine their business models, enhance their market strategies, and prepare for sustained growth. Participants received personalized guidance from seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts who offered invaluable insights and strategic advice. The program also provided opportunities for startups to connect with potential investors, partners, and clients, fostering relationships that are crucial for their growth and success. Additionally, the program increased startups’ visibility and market presence by providing a platform to showcase their innovations to a broader audience.

“Congratulations to Kilele Health and all the finalists who participated in this year’s OhioXcelerate program,” said Jeremy Fritzhand, Director of Startup Services at Alloy Growth Lab. “The dedication and innovative spirit of these startups, combined with the invaluable guidance from our mentors, underscore the bright future of Ohio’s tech ecosystem.”

Looking ahead, OhioXcelerate is excited to announce plans for future events. Due to the overwhelming success of this year’s program, the initiative aims to host another edition in the fall of 2024 or spring of 2025. The upcoming event will build upon the momentum generated and continue to provide invaluable opportunities for startups to accelerate their growth and connect with experienced mentors and entrepreneurial support networks.

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