Innovative Technology Impacting Public Health During COVID-19 Crisis

Callibrity, a Blue Ash software company managed by developers for developers, was a participant in the Office of Innovation + Creativity’s inaugural batch of companies. They are known for their ability to handle critical initiatives and solve complex problems and have had a longstanding client relationship with Kroger. The team at Callibrity worked with Kroger to pilot remote teams, so when COVID-19 forced many companies to scramble, Kroger was way ahead of the curve. Kroger was ready to go full remote before most large companies.

This is not the only initiative that Callibrity has worked on with Kroger. As the COVID crisis developed, they shifted their priorities to support Kroger Health’s efforts in the COVID response. Due to the volume and urgency of needing more tests Kroger tapped Callibrity to develop a tool that could make a  positive impact on public health in this country. Communication and collaboration were key to making this process a success. They started by launching a triage questionnaire to help clinicians assess one’s risk of having COVID; that effort has since been replaced by a Microsoft health bot feature. The next COVID-19 effort Callibrity focused on was the launching of The Little Clinic telehealth scheduling tool to enable patients to receive virtual care visits from TLC’s nurse practitioners. That was launched successfully in the first week of April. The next build-out was a scheduling tool to help people schedule testing at drive-thru COVID-19 testing sites.  Callibrity launched this last week in alignment with the KY governor announcing statewide drive-thru testing in partnership with Kroger. 

“I think most people don’t understand how much goes into creating a solution like this. Kroger has done an amazing job of coordinating the efforts of a lot of smart and compassionate people with the goal of helping our communities weather this storm.  It was gratifying as a Callibrity developer to contribute our technical expertise and hard work to help make Kroger’s vision become a reality in an incredibly short timeframe, said Rick Barker, Software Development Team Lead for Callibrity.

The first drive-thru testing site was launched in Frankfort Kentucky on April 13th, with more to follow. Kroger was able to be on the front line due to its use of innovative technology in partnership with Callibrity. “When something of this magnitude happens in the world, the line between vendor and client becomes secondary and we all just become human beings. Callibrity and Kroger were poised with the right ability and agility to quickly find ways to make a meaningful impact in our country. I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of this partnership that’s truly focused on embodying the Kroger Health mission of helping people live healthier lives,” said Dustin Nimmo, Senior Product Manager at Kroger Digital Health and Wellness.

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