How Low Can They Go?

Historically low rates for September 2019!

If ever there was a time to invest in your company, now is that time with interest rates at record lows.

25 Year:  3.458%

20 Year:  3.359%

10 Year: 3.563%

Small businesses that are considering purchasing owner-occupied real estate really need to take a look at the SBA 504 Financing option.  Today, both the 20-year 504 rates and the 25-year rates are the lowest in almost 40 years of the program’s existence!

The underlying benchmark in pricing 504 loans is the ten-year Treasury Rate.  Demand for safe-haven assets have continued resulting in a 114 bps decline so far in 2019 and an 18 bps drop in August alone.  Investors flight to safety also carries over to the 504 program with increased demand driving down the 504 rate.  Because 504 loans are fully amortized over 20 or 25 years, small businesses can lock in low monthly payments now and never have to worry about payments going up in a rising interest rate environment.

Call HCDC to learn more about how SBA 504 financing can help you grow your business.

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