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New sales opportunities are always valuable. Companies continuously seek buyers for their products whether they face headwinds or are riding a strong growth wave.  Regardless of a company’s situation, the constant hunt for new sales leads can be exhausting.  Most of us could use a valuable partner who can help lend an extra hand.  The Office of Innovation + Creativity was created to be the extra resource your company needs to tap into new sales growth opportunities.  We are looking for the next set of companies to tap into this proven growth marketing program.  All they have to do is apply at www.alloydev.org/oic by Tuesday, August 25th. 

The Office of Innovation + Creativity helps companies identify new sales opportunities.  Companies work with a team of seasoned marketing professionals on a custom growth market research engagement.  The market research professionals identify new sales outlets and potential customers for the company to pursue.  Companies receive professional services worth $15 – 25k that routinely increase revenues up to 30%.  Plus, the program only costs companies a few hours of their employees’ time.  Companies don’t spend a dime!  All they have to do is dedicate up to 12 hours of their time to collaborate with the research team over a few weeks.

The marketing pros collaboratively identify the top 2 – 3 growth questions for each company.  Then, they tap into sophisticated market research, competitive intelligence, and digital marketing databases to find the answers the company needs.  The growth marketing pros access tools such as Lexis Nexis, Ibis World, and other databases normally only affordable for large corporations.  In the end, the company walks away with custom deliverables that provide qualified sales leads.

There is no “catch!”  Hamilton County, Ohio funds the OIC to fuel prosperity in our local economy.  The program helps second-stage companies (i.e. – revenue between $0.5 million – $50 million, employ 10 – 100 employees) identify their top sales growth opportunities.  In doing so, we help these companies grow and add jobs.  Why small to medium-sized companies?  When they grow, the region benefits disproportionately.  They represent approximately 10% of companies in a region but employ roughly 30% of the workforce.  Harry Blanton, Vice President of Economic Development and Todd Portune, former Hamilton County Commissioner, started the program.  According to Blanton, “We realized several years ago that there were very few programs to help second-stage companies.  These companies are often fast-growing and provide many of the new jobs in our community.  Former Commissioner Todd Portune recognized that the future of Hamilton County’s economy was partially dependent on supporting innovative companies.  These two ideas came together to form the Office of Innovation & Creativity.”

Since 2018, the OIC has helped nearly 20 companies across many industries.  Manufacturing, professional services, technology, marketing & design, and other company types received custom growth marketing deliverables that have made a real impact.  The OIC has helped high-growth companies like Callibrity, Helium SEO, Talmetrix, Kolar Design, and many more.  The common thread: Company leaders rave about the custom deliverables and the extra set of hands they get to focus on their business.  Kelly Kolar said Kolar Design increased its sales by 16% after working with the OIC.

Interested in applying?  We’re here to help more companies that want to increase sales.  Provide your contact information at www.alloydev.org or contact our Innovation Director, Jon Mardis directly at jmardis@alloydev.org.  Hamilton County based companies that could use help identifying new sales opportunities should APPLY!  Companies must be located within Hamilton County.  Companies that generate between $0.5 million and $50 million in annual revenue, and employ approximately 10 – 100 employees will be given priority.  Apply by Tuesday, August 25th.  We will start selecting companies for the program then!

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