Common Founder Theme?


You will gleam little nuggets like this from our eKickStart series. Todd Uterstaedt, from Founder to CEO, shared his findings with us back in December 2018 and he discovered that self-awareness was a common theme among founders that he interviewed.

If you haven’t been to an eKickStart session at the Hamilton County Business Center – now’s the time to become self-aware and start.

The eKickStart series offers up regional and national thought leaders and founders who have “been there, done that”. Topics ranging from company culture, scaling, pivoting, hiring, and ultimately the exit – the next few months feature some excellent speakers. As a founder you can’t afford to miss these knowledge share sessions, plus network with other founders.

For February we’ve got Tim Rettig who implemented the Great Game of Business, which is an open book management system. The Great Game of Business, or GGOB, is a system pioneered by Jack Stack in 1983 and formalized in his book by the same name. The system gives every employee not just access to, but understanding of, the finances of the company. In this session you’ll hear the story of how and why Intrust IT implemented the system so you can understand how and why it will work in your company.

Here is our company event page with the full slate of sessions – register today!

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