Collision Space Created for Clients

If you’ve been here lately, one thing we have focused on is creating the opportunity for our clients to learn from each other and help each other. One way we have worked to encourage this is to build more “collision” space for our clients. We mostly have “suites” with doors. So since it’s not all coworking space, clients don’t always get to know all of their neighbors. Two years ago we expanded our CoWorks space and with that, we revamped our kitchen and lounge area in our 1775 Mentor Ave. building.

Starting this week, we are going to do the same for the clients in our 1776 Mentor building. Our focus is on creating a better environment for our clients! We are knocking down some walls, putting in some booths, adding some tables and chairs, and making a new collision space. A mockup of the renovation is at the top of this blog. Check it out! Pictures of updates will be forthcoming throughout the process.


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