Business Coach Antony Seppi Speaks at National Incubator Event

InBIA (Global Network of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Builders) is welcoming Business Coach Antony Seppi as a panelist for a conference session on “Best Practices and Trends in Supporting Clean Tech Companies.” The International Conference on Business Incubation will be held in Minneapolis, MN from April 13-17, 2019. The event brings together the people who champion entrepreneurship around the globe to form connections, share ideas, gather resources, and reinvigorate professional perspectives. As the industry has grown and changed, so has the association, with an initial membership of mostly business incubator managers in 1985, to a current membership representing incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, super hubs, university entrepreneurship centers, economic development centers and more.

Seppi’s session focus: “Clean technology entrepreneurs face many obstacles beyond those common to all startups. These present unique challenges for programs dedicated to advancing clean tech, sustainability- and equity-based value propositions. The speakers will share their learning based on their respective experiences accelerating clean technology ventures, highlighting effective approaches and opportunities for engaging stakeholders and strengthening the ecosystem.”

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