Business Center Graduate Becomes First Aerohub Tenant

HCDC has been engaged with sensing solutions company The Modal Shop since its very beginning. The company started in 1995 as a one-person shop in 300 sq ft of space. Over the course of 3 years, the company continued to grow until it occupied two entire floors in the Business Center’s 1775 building. Graduating from the incubation program in 2002, The Modal Shop moved to leased space in Sharonville, where it currently resides until construction on its new Aerohub facility is complete. The Modal Shop is an excellent example of how HCDC’s multiple program areas can help a business as it grows. Once the company had grown large enough to build a building, our Economic Development Office, on behalf of Hamilton County, facilitated an Enterprise Zone agreement tax incentive, which was approved by the County commissioners. So from ideation stage, to what will eventually be a 100,000-sq ft building construction, HCDC has assisted The Modal Shop in its growth.

This aforementioned “Aerohub” is located in The Village of Evendale, west of Interstate 75, straddling Glendale-Milford Road, adjacent to the headquarters of GE Aviation. The first phase of the Modal Shop facility will feature 15,000 square feet dedicated to manufacturing and warehousing, with the remaining 25,000 square feet housing engineering, sales, and administration. It will allow the company to combine its two existing facilities under one roof at AeroHub while providing capacity for the company to grow. The company plans to move into the new facility next spring.


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