Business Center Adds New Clients

New CoWorks Clients

Noxsano ( – Noxsano is a wound care company dedicated to developing medical dressings that deliver bio-signaling molecules to enable effective treatment of acute and chronic wounds. Noxsano’s patent-pending technology has been shown in pre-clinical testing to restore normal wound healing to ischemic (chronic) wounds and accelerate the healing of acute and burn wounds.

Omniboom ( – Omniboom was founded in early 2017 as an Integration Services provider specializing in B2B data interfaces. The company is backed by over 35 years of combined experience in industries such as e-commerce, retail, logistics, distribution, government, telephony, accounting and finance, and several technologies and platforms including BizTalk, Azure, AWS, and other Microsoft and open-source products.

Perceptive Devices ( – Provides Percept-D™, a patented technology for true hands-free and voice-free control of diverse electronics devices for improved productivity, safety and accessibility. It allows for control via simple facial gestures that can be captured by webcams or sensors mounted on eyewear. (US Patents # 9,013,264 and 9,785,242).

New Office Client

Nimble IOT ( – Nimble IoT LLC delivers turnkey network device solutions to the industrial automation space. Manufacturers are undergoing a transformation from Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) technology to PC based control using distributed network devices. The technology addresses these three businesses challenges:

  • They can’t clearly articulate the business case for networked devices: How much does it cost? How will it materially impact my bottom line? How do I get started?
  • They have deep domain expertise in PLC automation but limited expertise with the technologies surrounding network devices like IoT, cloud computing, analytics, and artificial intelligence.
  • They face a fragmented array of hardware and software providers and don’t typically have the in house capability to create solutions for themselves.

Nimble IoT helps businesses by co-developing networked versions of their current products.

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