Bayzi Corporation Approved for Jobs Ohio Inclusion Grant

Bayzi Corporation was recently approved for a Jobs Ohio Inclusion Grant that targets minority owned businesses in specific economically challenged locations of the State. The corporation is part of Micropyretics Heaters International (MHI) which has been vigorously working on advanced cleaning solutions to aid in slowing the spread of Coronavirus.  The company expects to more than double their employment and manufacture much needed sanitization equipment that cleans a wide variety of materials without the use of chemicals. The company, led by Dr. Anu Vissa, has had a long time relationship with HCDC. The company was a 1998 graduate of the HCDC incubator, and upon graduation made use of HCDC’s 166 Loan program to purchase their current facility in Woodlawn. The company has been working with economic development staff to address workforce needs.

“I am very grateful that HCDC stayed connected with us. We have benefitted from their advice and programs well beyond 1988. The SaniZap® steam generators offer the quickest way to safely eliminate harmful viruses, bacteria and even resistant fungus like black mold. As a local Cincinnati company, we are excited to bring this breakthrough technology at a time when it is urgently and critically needed. This is a uniquely local effort and we are eager to have this technology available to all to deal with the pandemic. We have used local suppliers and talent wherever possible and thank the many local organizations that have supported us, like REDI Cincinnati, Techsolve, Strauss Troy, Village of Woodlawn and HCDC,” said Dr. Anu Vissa – COO Bayzi Corp.

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