Alloy Growth Lab to Partner with GrowthX for Revenue Growth Program

(August 25, 2022) Alloy Growth Lab has partnered with GrowthX to provide critical go-to-market programming for Cincinnati ecosystem startups beginning this Fall 2022. Alloy Growth Lab, formerly the Hamilton County Business Center, assists startups with building out investment-grade businesses. Alloy has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs facing common challenges over their decades of experience. Their experienced startup catalysts and programs help startups navigate the investment landscape, develop a growth strategy, gain traction with the right product-market fit and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

The partnership with GrowthX enables eligible startups to participate in the November 2022 cohort of The Revenue Accelerator, the 16-week program operated by GrowthX that’s 100% focused on revenue growth and finding product-market fit. Alloy Growth Lab has established a scholarship to enable companies that are accepted into the cohort to participate at little to no cost. When it comes to finding product-market fit and raising venture capital, traction speaks louder than words and pitch decks. In addition to the Revenue Accelerator programming this Fall, there are other anticipated programs that will benefit Cincinnati region startups in the coming months. 

“This type of value-add program flips the whole venture model on its head, and provides a foundational framework to grow a company through sales and revenue, and then take the next logical step into venture funding or other forms of capital. We are excited about the partnership with GrowthX and the tools that they provide – the numbers speak for themselves”, says Alloy Growth Lab Director, Antony Seppi.

On average, founders that go through the program achieve:

  • 2-4X increase in average contract value
  • $250k in new revenue
  • 78% reduction in sales cycles
  • $2M in funding
  • Hire 6 new employees

With the establishment of this partnership, GrowthX makes its first foray into the Ohio market and allows for them to get visibility into a robust statewide ecosystem that generated over $2 billion in venture capital in 2022 according to Crunchbase.

“Alloy Growth Lab is the perfect partner for GrowthX, as we both share the core belief that entrepreneurism can fuel the Hamilton County and Ohio economies and create jobs when capital is combined with go-to-market expertise,” says Andrew Goldner, the Co-Founder and CEO of GrowthX and Managing Director of GrowthX Capital.”

For founders looking to raise capital, Goldner adds, “In 2022 and for years to come, random sales activities – even when they yield revenue – will not attract venture investors. Systematic sales activities yielding repeatable revenue results matter more to investors than just revenue growth.”

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