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Healthy Snacks!

Hey everybody!

As a reminder, the purpose of “Startup Snacks” is to provide the startup community with ONE actionable item per week to move your startup forward. Some of it will be original content, some not. No pride here – and frankly, why recreate the wheel if somebody has already put together some great content or tools that will benefit the startup community. If it can help you in your journey I will share it!

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Time for Startup Snack #4!

As a startup founder, solopreneur, or business owner the health of the organization is often at the forefront of focus. This can be measured by profit, revenue, customer interaction, and a whole gamut of other stats. Unfortunately, one of the most overlooked stats is the health of the human capital involved. Today’s snack follows a post on about the 7 Essential Habits of a Healthy Entrepreneur.

At the top of the list is learning something new everyday. Keeping an active mind allows for entrepreneurs to troubleshoot with ease. Daily routine of learning something new sharpens problem solving skills and gives a new perspective to our lives.

Next is setting goals and creating a system to achieve your goals. Some people like to white-board their goals, others put sticky notes across their desks. Either one works as long as you are keeping track and hitting deadlines. Creating a system can look like a roadmap to small goals that help achieve larger ones.

Further down on the list is making exercise a priority and eating less junk food (thus the healthy snack photo above). If you are new to exercise, start out slow. Walking is the king of exercise and oftentimes where the best ideas are generated. Set some time in the morning, at lunch, or in the evening for a 15-30 minute walk. Cutting out junk food is also essential. Even small changes like moving from regular soda to diet soda make a big impact. Try to cook at least three meals a week from scratch (share your favorite recipe links in the comments).

The list ends with creating balance in your life. This can be the hardest habit, but also the most gratifying. Balance means separating work and personal time. This boundary will allow for healthy relationships and ensure that you are living a stress free life.

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Opportunity: Alloy Growth Lab x GrowthX Revenue Accelerator – Applications Open, 5 Full Scholarships Available – application here.

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October 3-4 – OnRamp Manufacturing Conference – the leading conference for manufacturing innovation – info/registration here.

October 5 – REBUILD Conference – REBUILD, formerly the High Performance Buildings Seminar, is a conference that equips leaders to build sustainable value in their organizations. Divergent questions lead to innovation. Info/registration here.

October 11 – We are looking for GREEN startups (space limited to 4 startups) to participate in GreenCharge event hosted by the Alloy Growth Lab and Madtree Alcove during StartupCincy Week – info/registration here.

Oct 10 – 14 – StartupCincy Week – Learn more here!

October 19 – Connecting the Coasts to the Heartland – presented by One America Works, OhioX, Youngstown Incubator, HG Ventures, Youngstown Business Incubator, and Comeback Capital – info/registration here.

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