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As a reminder, the purpose of “Startup Snacks” is to provide the startup community with ONE actionable item per week to move your startup forward. Some of it will be original content, some not. No pride here – and frankly, why recreate the wheel if somebody has already put together some great content or tools that will benefit the startup community. If it can help you in your journey I will share it!

If you missed our first “Startup Snacks #1” – you can find it here!

Here we go with Startup Snacks #2.

We are huge fans of traction. In fact, we love traction and we love sales and we love growth. And that leads us to our next snack. As a startup Founder you should have that same mindset. Or at least get somebody on your team that does.

As the author of my next featured snack says in his preface: “Traction Trumps Everything”

Market + Growth

How do I find, understand, and hold onto my customers, do sales, and plan my growth?

I love this book!

And the Growth Lab Team loves this book “Traction – How Any Startup Can Achieve Customer Growth”, by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares.

And YOU should read this book! (click on cover graphic for link to eBook)

The reason we like the book is that it is very action-oriented with tactical, tangible ways to grow your business with specific examples. Plus, it is an easy read.

Here are a few examples – there are 19 total – of successful traction channels that the author Gabriel Weinberg uncovered after interviewing forty successful founders:

  • Targeting blogs – Noah Kagan, Mint’s former director of Marketing targeted niche blogs early on, and this strategy allowed Mint to acquire forty thousand customers before launching.
  • Engineering as Marketing – Successful companies have built microsites, developed widgets, and created free tools that drive thousands of leads each month.
  • Speaking Engagements – self explanatory. But make sure you target the ones that prove most efficient.
  • Community Building – creating passionate communities around your products.

And many more…….

But the key is to hone in on the traction channel that is most effective for you. You do that by setting goals and experimenting. Weinberg even establishes a methodology for this called the Bullseye to run your tests and determine the most efficient channel for you.

Read the eBook here and let us know what you think.

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