Alloy Growth Lab Honored by InBIA for OhioXcelerate Program

Norwood Ohio- May 2, 2024 – Alloy Growth Lab is delighted to announce its recognition by InBIA (International Business Innovation Association) for the OhioXcelerate program, which has been awarded the Most Innovative Program distinction. This prestigious honor underscores Alloy Growth Lab’s exceptional contributions to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Ohio. The program is a collaborative effort driven by the Alloy Growth Lab that includes OhioX and other startup ecosystem partners throughout Ohio.

The award was presented during the 38th annual International Conference on Business Incubation, organized by InBIA, held from April 14-17 in San Antonio, Texas. OhioXcelerate stands at the forefront of Ohio’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, driving economic growth and technological advancement across the state.

Antony Seppi, Vice President of Alloy Growth Lab, expressed gratitude for this significant recognition: “We are truly honored to receive this award from InBIA for our OhioXcelerate program. It reflects our team’s commitment to empowering startups and accelerating economic development in Ohio through innovative initiatives.”

Alloy Growth Lab’s visionary approach aligns with OhioXcelerate’s mission to lead Ohio as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, transforming industries and impacting the future.

Charles Ross, President and CEO of InBIA, commended Alloy Growth Lab’s achievement, stating, “Through the InBIA awards program, we celebrate exceptional organizations that catalyze entrepreneurship for their communities. Congratulations to Alloy Growth Lab on this well-deserved recognition. Their commitment to high-quality programming, organizational excellence, and community impact is truly inspiring.”

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About Alloy Growth Lab:

Alloy Growth Lab is a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem that provides startups with the guidance, resources, and connections they need to thrive. Through strategic mentorship, funding opportunities, and tailored support, Alloy Growth Lab empowers emerging businesses to reach their full potential.

About OhioXcelerate:

OhioXcelerate is a leading initiative in Ohio dedicated to advancing innovation and driving economic growth through entrepreneurial support and development.

About InBIA:

InBIA is a global nonprofit empowering entrepreneur support organizations worldwide, providing industry best practices, fostering collaboration, mentorship, and the exchange of innovative ideas for entrepreneurs.

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