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We are excited to introduce you to our team of SBA & State of Ohio lending experts The merger of Access Business Finance into Alloy Commercial Capital became official in April 2022.

In preparation for this merger, the Alloy Commercial Capital team underwent some team restructuring led by Jon Main. In October of 2021, Jon Main took over the leadership of the department as Andrew Young transitioned into an advisory role.  Andrew still maintains his duties as a Sr. Loan Officer with a focus on sharing his decades of experience in the SBA lending field and assisting in the onboarding of new and additional staff.  Jeff Hasapis, who is our Director of our Eastern Ohio Regional Loan office, added additional responsibilities as our Senior Credit Officer. In this role, Jeff provides credit support, oversight, and due diligence for all loan Applications and Credit Memos across the Alloy Commercial Capital footprint in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana for SBA 504 loans and Ohio Regional 166 loans. Nate Plogmann joined the team in the capacity of a Lending Specialist to add efficiencies to the lending process. These new roles allowed us to bring in Loan Officers to focus solely on finding new deals and growing relationships with business owners, third-party lenders, and other referral sources.  Rob Haskins and Amanda Forsee, who both possess extensive backgrounds in banking and significant expertise in SBA lending joined the team as Loan Officers.

The team is rounded out by long-term team members Casey Brown and Darlene Herald. Casey handles all the closing details as our Closing Officer and Darlene handles all loan servicing details as our Loan Servicing Agent. Their combined years of experience continue to make the process seamless for our borrowers.

With the merger of Access Business Finance and the addition of clients to our portfolio, Alloy added Andrew McCreanor and Selena Cruces to our staff from Access.  Andrew will stay on board in the capacity of Senior Advisor as we work through the merger.  Selena joins us as the Senior Lending Specialist to add to the efficiency of our team.

Our team is dedicated to providing more affordable access to businesses for their real estate and equipment needs to help them build stronger businesses. To learn more or connect, visit us at

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