Alloy Business Retention & Expansion Council Hears from Aerohub Companies in Woodlawn

Last month, Woodlawn hosted Hamilton County’s Business Retention & Expansion Council. Alan Geans, Woodlawn’s Municipal Manager, kicked off the event by giving an overview of the business climate in Woodlawn. Featured speakers were two aerospace businesses located in the Village. TechSolve’s Steve Clark and Mark Huffman were also featured speakers, discussing the offerings of TechSolve to manufacturers in the region.

Joe Sprengard, the CEO and Co-Founder of Veelo Technologies, shared how his company is working on advanced materials and manufacturing technology for aerospace composites. Joe’s company is graduating from our incubation program after being located here since 2011. Veelo will be moving into a nearly 20,000-sq ft industrial building in Woodlawn. Joe shared how commercial airplanes in the industry are moving away from metals and Veelo is a supplier for the next generation of plane materials.

Noel Davis, General Manager for Aerobraze, gave an overview of the company, which manufactures engineered components and provides technological solutions for the aerospace industry. Interestingly, Aerobraze still works with metal components because there is a lot of servicing needs with existing planes. Noel also discussed how the company is currently engaged on a new NASA project involving a small component for a rocket.

Finally, representatives from TechSolve shared how they can partner with manufacturers. TechSolve can provide assistance in the following key ways: Manufacturing Process Solutions, IoT Solutions, and Business Advisory (i.e. process optimization, growth strategy, etc.). TechSolve works with manufacturers of all types and sizes.

About the Council
The Hamilton County Business Retention & Expansion Council is comprised of Hamilton County communities and other economic development agencies. The Council holds quarterly meetings, provides training to gain knowledge about local businesses and resources partners, and develops program guidelines with the goal of increasing contact with local companies.

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