ACTivate Technologies: Tackling Risks Head On

In a perfect world, organizations would run smoothly, hitting all their targets without a hitch. But business owners and leaders know this is not a perfect world, and every company faces challenges throughout its existence. Noele Williams, Founder of ACTivate Technologies, understands this and has spent her career helping companies mitigate risk, navigate obstacles, and tackle their challenges head-on.

Noele’s Story

Thirty-one years ago, Noele founded INTERPRO Performance Solutions, a local consulting firm, in a quest to answer the question: “What truly drives each organization’s results?” She recognized that many companies were stuck in a vicious cycle that prevented them from tapping their true potential and that the visible symptoms of systemic issues were often treated with short-term solutions. This approach often creates even bigger problems down the road. “If we can give companies a deep, intuitive view into their hidden drivers, they can be more proactive in developing long-term strategies that build on their successes”, she says. This led to the creation of a proprietary methodology called Quality of Performance Capacity Diagnostics. This easy-to-use approach gives clients the custom tools they need to avoid costly detours on the road to success. Today, ACTivate Technologies, Inc, is bringing clients the software-as-a-service (SaaS) version of this powerful solution.

Working with Alloy Growth Lab

After participating in Morning Mentoring, a collaborative program run by Alloy Growth Lab and Queen City Angels, Noele and co-founder Kristen Parr doubled down to take advantage of the feedback, insight, and resources available at Alloy. Since then, they have partnered with highly-skilled developers to bring their platform ACTivate Advance to the market and have assembled a world-class Board of Advisors. “Antony Seppi, as our coach at Alloy, has been tireless in his support from the beginning, and continues to be not only responsive, but proactive in helping us find the resources we need at each stage of development”, Noele said of the company’s decision to become a client, and adds, “Working with professionals who back up words with action is important to us, and we feel supported at every turn with Antony and Alloy Growth Lab.”

Activate Today

Staying true to core values is a principle Noele cares deeply about, and both she and her team believe their most important job is “First, Do No Harm.” ACTivate’s starting point is to help clients fully leverage their existing strengths, which generates quick wins. Then, addressing progressive areas and vulnerabilities not only ensures the company grows commercially but fosters ownership and collaboration among employees. This commitment to helping clients remain authentic, courageous, and self-disciplined throughout their journey brought her to Tony Cook. Cook believed that the QPC Diagnostic should be available to every company, and the idea for the ACTivate Advance platform was born. “Tony used to say, “If your strategy feels like slogging through the mud, you need a new strategy. This Diagnostic delivers that strategy.’ Until he passed away in 2019, Tony’s guidance, insights, and advocacy helped me stay focused, no matter how challenging it became to build this business. ACTivate Advance exists today because of his vision and our commitment to keeping his memory and attitude alive.”

Discover More

Three decades of success, now powered by technology, is bringing ACTivate to the forefront of the strategic management consulting business. Putting leaders in the driver’s seat, and providing the customized tools they need for continuous improvement, this fast, flexible and affordable solution gives companies a strategic advantage.

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